Retail Payments

Jackrabbit Connect is Available for State and Local Offices

The Jackrabbit retail station provides you with an option to take credit cards at your municipal location and now you can also process refunds to customers who may have made a payment in error. Refunds can be made from the retail station even if the payment was made using the online web payment option.

Pax A-80

PAX A80, the most cost-effective in the A-series, is a powerful, game-changing countertop device that can also be used as an indoor portable device. Always running at peak performance, full connectivity means the A80 is a reliable workhorse that will process payments safely and fast, even during the busiest hours.

Features include:

  • PAXBiz® powered by Android™
  • 4″ HD Touchscreen Display
  • 3.5 in/sec high-speed printer
  • PCI PTS 6.x

Electronic Signatures

Jackrabbit Connect can be installed at payment windows or other payment areas and automates data during transactions. Signatures are collected and stored electronically in addition to all transaction information.

Reporting Features

Jackrabbit Connect provides detailed online reporting functions to municipal office as well as the ISO sales office. Reporting features include:

  • Original copies of attached invoices
  • Transaction amounts
  • Date stamp and time stamp
  • User Information
  • Cardholder Information
  • Transaction type
  • Cardholder Email address
  • Last four of Card number
  • Monthly totals in volume and transaction count

Jackrabbit Connect also provide all reports in real time, in an exportable .cvs format for accounting and record keeping purposes. You will also have access to very robust search functionality to locate individual transactions using any data point available in the online query tool set.

Efficient Installation and Setup

Jackrabbit Connect runs on Pax A-80 devices and is certified PCI Compliant on the First Data Nashville platform. Installation and setup is efficient and user friendly. Jackrabbit runs on cloud based redundant Google drives and has maintained 100% uptime since inception in 2007.

To setup simply open an account with Jackrabbit Connect and an agent will provide you with a secure tokenized link to publish on your website, thats it. Once your link is published your customers can make online payments directly to your bank account.


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